Mark Burnett and I at the Matt Barchus Benefit Jam, August 2014

Hello, my name is Steven Robert and I am a Photographer/Cinematographer Based out of Williston,VT, just outside of Burlington for those of you unfamiliar with the area.

My passion for media arts began in my junior year of highschool where I began filming my friends ride BMX and making short little edits. Halfway through the year, I got a DSLR of my own and really began taking everything more seriously. Every edit I made I would submit to a popular BMX website, The Come Up, unfortunately, my first videos weren't quite up to par with the content the site regularly posts so they didn't make the cut. With each video I learned a little more. After quite a few failed attempts I finally had a video make the site. It was one of the most special feelings of my life.

In my senior year of highschool I did a year long project on BMX cinematography and got to interview a bunch of BMX's biggest cinematographers. It was amazing to get advice from the people that I looked up to ever since I was young and it really helped me grow as a cinematographer. Around this time, I began to become interested in the other side of my DSLR so I decided to take a photography class. I found that it was actually just as fun. I experimented with a lot of different techniques which transferred over to my cinematography very well. I was in a lucky situation over my senior year and was shooting photos for the Williston Fire Department at their annual pancake breakfast, where I met someone who was shooting for the town newspaper. I contacted them with some of my work and they ended up running some of the photos that I had taken from the event. Ever since, I have always been asked to shoot anything Fire Department related. 

After graduating highschool, I decided that I wanted to pursue media as a career. Over the summer I spent as much time as I could filming. The first highlight of my summer was traveling to Hartford, CT to shoot the Barchus Jam. My good friend Javaun was putting the event and had asked me to come shoot the action with him. I wasn't really sure what to expect but everything worked out almost perfectly for me. Javaun and I shot most of the event together but towards the end of the event where some of the other riders were breaking off to go ride around the city, I decided to stay back at the skatepark to film with some of the pro's. I was living my dream and filming with some of my favorite riders. The video I made was hosted by the previously mentioned website, The Come Up. Later on the video would come to collect over 20,000 views. This was what I would call the start of my professional career. Since then I have continued to make videos for TCU collecting nearly 250,000 views worldwide. 

Starting in 2015, I have became much more serious about photography and have grown to like it as much as I do video. I enjoy capturing in the moment feelings of people. Starting in February of 2015, I started to focus on capturing the events that happen inside the firehouse. From trainings to events to random snapshots. All of my Fire Department work can be found in the Williston Fire gallery

Somewhere in the woods, May 2015

Somewhere in the woods, May 2015

Jake Seeley and I at New England Jam Chowder, September 2014

Jake Charbonneau and I, Talent Skatepark, 2014

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