February Recap

Finally the coldest months of winter are over and it is actually somewhat tolerable to go outside and shoot now. 

Nick Carson, March 2015

February has been very slow just like January was for me, with temperatures regularly reaching -25 and lower it can be very hard to find motivation to go out and shoot, that is if my camera would even work. Not to worry though. I have been preparing for the warmer months ahead. I sold my 60D and some other equipment that I hadn't been using very often and made the leap to a 5DIII. So far, I couldn't be happier with it. I love the high ISO performance its capable of, granted its no A7s, but it gets the job done very well. 

Braden Yeates, March 2015. Clean images at 8,000 ISO

I look forward to doing a lot more photography now that I have a camera of my own that I am comfortable using for stills. Below I have attached a few more test shots from earlier this week. Most of the shots were with my Tamron 24-70. In other news I have a 135L coming in the mail so look out for a quick review of that in the near future. 

Update: you will soon be able to see the second and fourth pictures in the above gallery on display in the Williston Fire Department fire station. More details to come.