June Recap

Just so we are all on the same page, I am starting this post on the 26th of June. Hopefully I can remember to get it out on time this month. Ill try to make this months update short and sweet. 

Where do I start... June and July are notoriously my busiest months of the year. Luckily we have been having really awesome weather lately so I have been getting a ton of chances to get out and make content. A few notable projects can be seen below. 

I had a ton of fun filming this bad boy with Ethan. Unfortunately this was supposed to be a much longer video but it was cut way short due to a rolled ankle. I am hoping to do more videos like this one in the future. Nice and short. 

July will be super busy for me. We have a ton going on at the firehouse and obviously the Fourth of July. By the way - expect a gallery of some sort from the day as I will be out shooting. 

*Update as of July 16th... Ive been so busy that I forgot to make this public. Sorry for the wait! Also, my next three weekends are packed full of BMX. TIGHT!