July/August Recap

As promised, July has been my busiest month of the year. This recap will probably be pretty short as I should be editing right now. 

The month started out with one of my favorite days to document of the year. 

The time in between the fourth and the 25th, I spent around the firehouse documenting trainings, editing photos, and organizing a few trips. I even photographed my first structure fire in shelburne. 

Welp, I forgot to post the July recap last month and I haven't gotten any less busier so I am going to tack on August to this recap. 

August is one of the hottest months in VT but we definitely did not get that get the best of us. I got some really amazing opportunities to travel and work on new projects. I spent a ton of time with a lot of old friends on the east coast and meeting new ones. 

Hawkegg, Brooklyn NY


Stiff, Pittsfeild MA

September will be just as busy as the last two months. I leave for Austin, Texas next week to stay with Jake Seeley to work on a project we started earlier this month for his shop, The Garden. The following week when I get back my good friend from woodward, Jordan Capeece is coming to stay the week to work on some new stuff for one of his sponsors.